How to talk about sex with your trans girlfriend?

You engage in conversations all the time with your partner that leads to sex. If they are a transgender, conversation about sex is sensitive because no two transgender or cis women’s’ bodies are alike.

Having a conversation with your trans girlfriend is not challenging if you respect each other and want what is best for both of you. A healthy conversation about sex centers on what you both like or dislike. Let’s talk about what you need to know for a successful sex discussion with your trans girlfriend.

Knowing yourself to talk about sex

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Identify your reason for dating a trans woman, that you would have met on Dallas Trans Dating or among the best transexual dating site in Dallas. Some people go into that relationship to live out their sexual fantasies or fetish they saw in pornographic movies. Some individuals are attracted to trans girlfriends because of their feminine charms. Others date trans women to have a unique romantic experience.

Assess yourself and talk about sex with your trans girlfriend. Be honest about your reason for entering that relationship. Start a sexual conversation by asking selfless questions that fulfills your girlfriend’s desires.

Understand that whether you are a trans man or not, transgender ladies are special individuals. Just as cis women have different likes, preferences, and identities, so do trans women.

Most persons have different things that satisfy them and ways to discuss their bodies and sex. Find that meeting ground with your partner to boost their sexual desire.

Talking about sex to boost desire

Discussing sex with your trans girlfriend can be scary if they are recovering from a post-op surgery or Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). For that trans person, sex would be painful. So you must find other ways to satisfy your sexual desires and help your partner heal.

Talking about sex can boost desire if you and your partners do it as a fun discussion. You can ask each other where they would like to be touched, what would give them pleasure, and parts of their body they don’t want to be touched. You could also discuss what each person must do when you mistakenly touch the forbidden zone of your bodies.

Discussing those things would provide you with a plan to follow that respect each other’s sensibilities. Having the above talk would boost sex as you have a road map to follow in order to make your girlfriend enjoy sex.

Talking during sex

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Knowledge about methods for interacting with your partner enables you both to enjoy safer sex and self-assurance. Knowing about different sexual choices you could make and how to protect yourselves lets both of you enjoy the experience in a non-threatening manner.

Talking to your trans partner during sex is not different from talking with a cis woman. Your aim in both situations is to boost the enjoyment of partners.

Talking reveals specific sexual acts that your partner enjoys. Knowing that allows you to give them the experience they have always yearned for, but could not ask for.

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